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A rise in the geriatric population is projected to boost the global urinary drainage bags market during the forecast period. According to a published report by Fortune Business Insights, titled, “Urinary Drainage Bags Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis, By Product (Leg Bags and Large Capacity Bags), By Capacity (0-500 ml, 500-1000 ml, 1000-2000 ml, and more than 2000 ml), By Number of Chambers (Single Chamber, 2 Chamber, 3 Chamber), End-user (Hospitals, Clinics, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Home Care, and Others) and Regional Forecast, 2019-2026,” the market is projected to reach USD 1,475.60 Million by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period. However, the market was valued at USD 1,007.81 Million in 2018.

The report predicts and analyzes the urinary drainage bags market size in terms of value and volume. It provides elaborate information regarding all the segments and doesn’t fail to mention the leading segments separately. It further highlights the competitive developments, such as mergers, expansions, new product launches, and acquisitions.

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Europe Urinary Drainage Bags Market Size, 2015-2026 (USD Million)



“Growing prevalence of urinary incontinence to drive the urine bags market during the forecast period”

The rapid rise in the prevalence of disabilities resulting in limited mobility and the growing prevalence of urine incontinence around the globe are some of the major factors that are anticipated to drive the urinary drainage bags market growth during the forecast period. Limited mobility in bedridden patients is associated with urinary incontinence, which can profoundly impact the quality of life of the patient and could add a significant burden on the patient’s family and caretakers.

According to the data published by BC Medical Journal in 2017, it has been estimated that the number of geriatric population older than 65 years is projected to increase from 24% to 28% in coming years and a parallel growth in the prevalence of urinary incontinence among them is likely to increase the demand for urine collection devices during the forecast years. Additionally, growing adoption of long term care and home care centers among the geriatric population is likely to propel the urinary drainage bags industry growth during the forthcoming years.

People suffering from diabetes and patients in the older stage of Alzheimer’s disease often face problems with urinary incontinence. Also, many women across the globe suffer from pelvic organ prolapse, a condition when a pelvic organ shifts out from their normal position, disabling the function of urethra further, causing urine leakage, elevating the demand for urinary collection bags.

According to a report published by Alzheimer’s disease Facts and Figures in 2019, an estimated 5.8 million Americans are suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia, and the number is likely to escalate rapidly with rising in the older population age 65 years and older in the United States in the coming years.

Growing healthcare expenditure and the presence of numerous key players offering a wide range of urinary drainage bags with differing volume capacities are anticipated to boost the urine collection bags industry growth during the forecast period.



  • By Product Analysis

“Growing adoption of leg bags likely to propel market growth”

Based on product type, the urinary drainage bags market segments include leg bags and large capacity bags. Among them, the leg bags segment held the largest market share in the year 2018 and it is projected to expand at a considerably high CAGR during the forecast period. Leg bags enhance independence among catheter users by helping them to empty their leg bags without any struggle and maintain their privacy. Also, leg urine bags aids in promoting proper hydration and minimizes the risk of urine backflow with the presence of an anti-reflux valve, thus reducing the risk of urinary tract infection.

There has been a significant adoption of leg bags with drainage capacity ranging between 500 to 1000 ml attributable to the suitability for the collection of average urine output volume and presence of a large number of leg bags with the capacity ranging between 500 to 1000 ml.

The large capacity bags segment is the second-largest segment that is anticipated to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period due to the growing usage of large capacity bags in both the hospitals as well as healthcare providers due to their cost-effective nature

By Capacity Analysis

“500-1000 ml urinary drainage bags segment is likely to witness a significant CAGR during the forecast period.”

The increasing prevalence of urinary incontinence among physically active individuals is likely to boost the demand for medium capacity drainage bags that do not require frequent emptying and enhance the quality of life of patients. With the growing incidence of urinary disorders, it is expected that the 500-1000 ml urinary drainage bag segment will experience a higher CAGR during the analysis period.

Additionally, increasing product launches and the availability of a wide variety of product offerings in the 500-1000 ml urinary drainage bags type could further augment the growth of this segment during the forecast period. The increasing number of chronic diseases and growing number of surgical procedures occurring across the world are likely to enhance the adoption rate of 1000-2000 ml urinary drainage bags in the forthcoming years.

Analyse par nombre de chambres 

« Le segment des sacs de drainage urinaire à chambre unique devrait occuper une position dominante sur le marché des sacs de drainage urinaire en termes de part de marché au cours de la période de prévision . »

Le nombre de segments de chambres dans la poche de drainage urinaire est classé en une seule chambre, 2 chambres et 3 segments de chambres. Parmi eux, le segment des sacs à chambre unique devrait occuper une position dominante sur le marché des sacs de drainage urinaire en raison du nombre croissant d’interventions chirurgicales, des offres de produits plus larges des principaux acteurs et d’une plus grande sensibilisation des clients concernant le type de produit. Cependant, on estime que les sacs à 2 chambres se développent à un rythme plus rapide en raison d’un meilleur confort et d’une meilleure portabilité du type de sac

Part de marché mondiale des sacs de drainage urinaire, par capacité, 2018

  • 0-500 ml – 18.20% (Do not disclose)
  • 500-1000 ml – 43.05% (Disclose)
  • 1000-2000 ml – 31.46% (Do not disclose)
  • More than 2000 ml – 7.30% (Do not disclose)


By End-user Analysis

“Hospitals segment held the highest market share in Global Urinary Drainage Bags Market”

The hospital segment captured major market share in terms of end-user segment in the urinary drainage bags market. This is mainly due to higher facilities and healthcare infrastructure available in hospitals in comparison to home care setting. The hospital segment is anticipated to continue its dominance in the forthcoming years owing to a rise in the number of surgeries performed in the hospitals and the growing cases of hospitalization among patients suffering from urinary incontinence.

Ambulatory surgery centers segment is projected to witness remarkable growth during the forecast year owing to the opportunities offered to the patients in selected surgical and procedural services that are performed outside the hospital settings.

However, due to increasing preference for home care settings among the older population for the treatment and recovery of chronic diseases, the segment is projected to experience significant growth during the forecast period.



Among the regional segmentation, Europe is likely to dominate the urinary drainage bags market throughout the forecast period. The increasing healthcare expenditure and rising cases of bladder cancer are estimated to augment the urinary drainage bags market in Europe. According to the recent studies published by Globocan (2018), an estimated 25,000 new cases of bladder cancer were recorded in Germany in the year of 2018.

Les organes directeurs tels que l’Union européenne des associations médicales (EMEA) et le National Health Service (NHS) aident à gérer le coût des dispositifs médicaux et des produits pharmaceutiques subis par le patient et le consommateur. En outre, il existe diverses organisations à but non lucratif dans les pays européens qui se concentrent sur la sensibilisation aux différents produits d’incontinence urinaire tels que les cathéters urinaires et les sacs de collecte urinaire. Tous ces facteurs sont susceptibles d’alimenter la croissance de l’industrie des sacs de drainage urinaire à un rythme important en Europe au cours de la période de prévision.

L’Amérique du Nord devrait connaître une croissance importante au cours de la période de prévision en raison d’une augmentation de la prévalence de la continence urinaire et d’une sensibilisation croissante à la présence d’une grande variété de dispositifs de collecte urinaire. Selon le rapport publié par la National Association for Continence (NAFC), environ 75 à 80 % des femmes américaines souffrent d’incontinence urinaire chaque année.

La demande croissante de sacs de collecte urinaires rentables et l’augmentation du nombre d’hospitalisations en raison de la prévalence croissante de maladies chroniques telles que le diabète devraient stimuler le marché des sacs de drainage urinaire en Asie-Pacifique au cours de la période de prévision.

Le marché en Amérique latine, au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique est susceptible de se développer avec la demande croissante de sacs de collecte urinaire chez les patients souffrant d’hyperactivité vésicale et de maladies chroniques.


« Une forte présence de la marque et une large gamme de produits sont susceptibles de propulser la croissance du marché des sacs de drainage urinaire dans le monde »

Coloplast A/S est l’un des principaux acteurs du marché des poches à urine avec une forte présence de marque associée à une large gamme de produits. Coloplast A/S est susceptible de dominer le marché des poches de drainage urinaire en raison de l’accent mis sur la distribution de poches de drainage urinaire dans divers pays ainsi que des investissements persistants dans la recherche et le développement pour le lancement de poches de drainage urinaire économiques et confortables.

Parmi les autres acteurs engagés dans la fabrication de poches de drainage urinaire avec une part de marché considérable figurent ConvaTec Group PLC, Hollister Incorporated, Medline Industries, Inc. et d’autres acteurs de premier plan.

La maladie d’Alzheimer et le prolapsus des organes pelviens vont exploser la demande de poches de drainage urinaire

Les faits et chiffres sur la maladie d’Alzheimer ont récemment publié un rapport. Il indique qu’environ 5,8 millions d’Américains sont actuellement touchés par la démence d’Alzheimer. Ils supposent que ce nombre augmentera rapidement dans les années à venir en raison du nombre croissant de personnes vieillissantes aux États-Unis appartenant au groupe des 65 ans et plus. Les patients atteints de la maladie d’Alzheimer ont des problèmes d’incontinence urinaire. De plus, plusieurs femmes dans le monde sont touchées chaque année par un prolapsus des organes pelviens. La condition fait sortir l’organe pelvien de la femme de sa position habituelle. Il désactive la fonction de l’urètre. Ces deux maladies provoquent des fuites urinaires et, par conséquent, augmentent les ventes sur le marché des sacs de drainage urinaire.

Single Chamber Bags to Lead Market Owing to Rising Number of Surgical Procedures

In terms of number of chambers, the urinary drainage bags market is categorized into single chamber, 2 chambers, and 3 chambers. Out of these, the single chamber bags would be in the dominant position in the coming years. It would occur mainly due to the availability of wider product offerings by renowned players and the increasing number of surgical procedures. Combined with these, a rise in the number of consumer awareness campaigns regarding the product would contribute to growth. Besides, the 2 chamber segment would grow at a fast pace due during the forthcoming years due to better wearability and more comfort of this type of bag.

Increasing Healthcare Expenditure to Propel Growth in Europe

The urinary drainage bags market is geographically divided into North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Amongst these regions, Europe is anticipated to lead the market throughout the forecast period. It would likely occur due to the rising prevalence of bladder cancer and increasing healthcare expenditure in this region. The Nation Health Service (NHS) and European Union of Medical Association (EMEA) are smoothly managing the cost burden of pharmaceutical products and medical devices experienced by the consumer and the patient. It is one of the vital urinary drainage bags market trends.

Moreover, the European countries house numerous non-profit organizations. They are helping in creating awareness about various urinary incontinence products, such as urinary collection bags and urinary catheters. All these factors are expected to propel the urinary drainage bags market growth in this region in the coming years. Asia Pacific, on the other hand, is likely to exhibit notable growth due to rising cases of hospitalization and increasing demand for cost-effective urinary collection bags. Additionally, a rise in the incidence of chronic diseases, namely, diabetes would augment market growth here.

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Fortune Business Insights profiles some of the most prominent companies operating in the urinary drainage bags market. They are as follows:

  • Coloplast A/S
  • ConvaTec Group PLC
  • Clinisupplies Ltd. (Healthium Medtech)
  • Flexicare Medical Limited
  • Teleflex Incorporated
  • BD
  • Medline Industries, Inc.
  • Hollister Incorporated
  • Manfred Sauer GmbH
  • Other key market players


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